Art Fair Philippines introduces a new section that focuses on digital media, work that incorporates and engages with computer technology, animation, virtual or augmented reality, the metaverse, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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Mark Constantine Inducil
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Skye Nicolas
Frequencies of Nostalgia
Photo Credit: Mark Constantine Inducil and Alexandra Park


Bjorn Calleja

Bjorn Calleja (b. 1981, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino contemporary painter and interdisciplinary artist. He earned his BFA from Far Eastern University, where he later became a part-time lecturer. Aside from exhibiting his work, his early career involved corporate jobs and stints as a graphic designer. He also co-founded Design. Other Things. (‪2012-2014‬), a design studio that worked with a team of visual artists.

Calleja's work draws on identity, spirituality, art, general and personal history, and the everyday politics, utilizing perspective and a play of scale as metaphor to how we as humans affect the world at large. His paintings, sculptures, installations, and animations are heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s popular culture, kitsch, the internet, and the aesthetics and textures of Manila’s landscape.

Jopet Arias

Jopet Arias, a visionary digital artist hailing from Manila, He is one of the pioneers of the crypto art scene in the Philippines, one of the first batch of artists featured for Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) – a piece of blockchain history! He is also the co-founder of CryptoartPh, a community for interdisciplinary creators in the web3 space. He is a passionate advocate of crypto art and has been a crypto art resource person, sharing his knowledge and expertise at various events and projects. Arias is a multi-talented artist, working as an illustrator, 2D game designer, and curator for both web3 and IRL experiences. With more than a decade of experience as a digital nomad, he brings a unique blend of traditional and digital art forms, pushing the boundaries of the crypto art world.