Faye Abantao
Don't Forget to Remember
Kiko Escora
Mark Andy Garcia
Countless Tries
Raymond Guevarra
Pow Martinez
Delusions of Grandeur Woke Farm
Yeo Kaa
This exhibition is about strength.
Peter Zimmermann
Rosario Bitanga
Rosario Bitanga
Past, Present, Participant
Eisa Jocson
YUNIZAR: New Perspectives

Curatorial Statement

For this 10th edition of Art Fair Philippines, we are delighted to present the Projects at The Link, which will offer the audience the opportunity to once again experience the rigorously selected works of artists who we believe are contributing immensely to the conversation on contemporary art. To see them alongside the exhibitions of our partner galleries is to appreciate them within the context of the furious artistic production that may be unparalleled in Philippine history, which bolsters our hopes on the future vitality and relevance of visual arts.

We particularly herald the participation of Rosario Bitanga who, at the age of 88, proves that it is possible and sustainable to have a long and storied career without compromising one’s artistic vision. The inclusion of international artists of Peter Zimmerman and Yunizar to this year’s roster affirms our commitment to offer the public access to styles, themes, and approaches as imagined and demonstrated by practitioners with contexts and histories different—but perhaps, not radically so—from ours.

The Projects celebrates midcareer artists who are at the height of their powers and yet are still pushing the envelope—something they have done early on in their careers. We shine the spotlight on the recent works of Mark Andy Garcia, Pow Martinez, and Yeo Kaa, still charged with the fire of their experimentalist spirit. Kiko Escora, an already established name even in the late ‘90s, continues to dazzle with his works that chronicle uniquely Pinoy subcultures. Wawi Navarroza and Eisa Jocson, considered as the leading practitioners in their media (photography and performance, respectively) feature new works the contemplate their recent engagements with subjects such as transformation, capital, and the power of artifice. The Projects will not be complete without highlighting young artists, as represented by Faye Abantao and Raymond Gueverra, who show bright promise with their unorthodox intervention with and into different media.

As always, selecting artists for this year’s Art Fair Philippines Projects is no easy task, but we are extremely proud of this year’s roster of artists who, collectively, imagine for us the possibilities of the world in this era of the so-called new normal.

Words by Carlomar Daoana


Norman Crisologo

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