Feb 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Workshops Tent, Roofdeck

Filipino artists in the world of NFTs on Tezos: A conversation about crypto art in the Philippines

Bjorn Calleja, Sheila Ledesma, and Andre Baldovino | Moderated by Jopet Arias


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Filipino artists in the world of NFTs on Tezos: A conversation about crypto art in the Philippines

This panel delves into the exciting world of NFTs in the Philippines. How is blockchain technology impacting the traditional notion of art and incorporating itself into the contemporary art scene and practices of artists in the country? From opportunities and challenges, to present and future projects, we explore the crypto art scene in the Philippines and how Filipino artists are navigating through this new environment.

About the Speaker/s
Bjorn Calleja (b. 1981, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino contemporary painter and interdisciplinary artist. He earned his BFA from Far Eastern University, where he later became a part-time lecturer. Aside from exhibiting his work, his early career involved corporate jobs and stints as a graphic designer. He also co-founded Design. Other Things. (‪2012-2014‬), a design studio that worked with a team of visual artists.

Calleja's work draws on identity, spirituality, art, general and personal history, and the everyday politics, utilizing perspective and a play of scale as metaphor to how we as humans affect the world at large. His paintings, sculptures, installations, and animations are heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s popular culture, kitsch, the internet, and the aesthetics and textures of Manila’s landscape.

Sheila Aurelio Ledesma is a graphic artist based in Manila. She work on collage as her primary source of self-expression. Rooted in play, she explore how disparate pieces can form a whole and find the real in the surreal. Smudge, scribble, stick. Look closer and you might just see her fingerprint. Primal in approach, she is inspired by abstract expressionism, the Dadaist movement and good old child-like wonder. She's a big believer that art has the power to transform and this has enabled her to discover herself in her most authentic form.

Her work has been part of Crypto Art Week Asia 2021, DoinGud Origins Exhibit 2021, Art Fair Philippines NFT 2022 JStudio, Galeria Paloma 1/1 Exhibit 2022, Philippine Blockchain Week 2022.

Andre Baldovino

Jopet Arias is a digital nomad and forerunner in the world of art, with over a decade of experience as a visual artist. In late 2020, he became a crypto artist, exploring the fusion of digital and traditional media through augmented reality.

His works often depict metaphysical subjects, delving into the themes of spirit, body, and soul. In the age of artificial intelligence, Arias is particularly interested in what makes humans human, and he often explores questions of meaning, destiny, origin, and morality in his art.

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