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Ronac Art Center 424 Ortigas Avenue Greenhills North San Juan City

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About Secret Fresh Gallery

Fresh manila (now Secret Fresh) started February 2007. We are the premiere artist vinyl toy shop in the Philippines that catered to the niche toy market. Secret Fresh was born from passion for collecting. What was once a childhood pastime had become a hub for mining new talent in the cross pollinating fields of graffiti, comics, film, animation, music, architecture, fine art and design. This commitment has grown to facilitate and showcase further this thriving field through its gallery. Located in Ronac Art Center, the primary hub for contemporary street fashion, design and lifestyle, and a landmark of innovative architecture, Secret Fresh likewise, is a pioneer in engaging local and foreign artists, both emerging and established ones, for collaborations on limited edition art toys and prints, coming up with truly contemporary pieces that are an alchemical mix of art and design, craft and commodity, timelessness and currency. This engagement extends to having monthly exhibits of artists not limited to the traditional media, but to those who are daring to venture into exploring new forms that spark fresh dialogue and perspectives on the contemporary urban experience. This endeavor would hopefully herald a new era of appreciating art beyond its conventional boundaries.

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