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2-14-19 Kanda-jinbocho Chiyoda-Ku TOKYO#1010051 JAPAN

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GALLERY KOGURE is a gallery that internationally introduces artists who possess a concept that approaches the truth and create the highest quality of art. It goes without saying that unique originality is an artist’s lifeline, but what we consider the most important in selecting an artist is his or her “object beauty”, “super technique” and “Neo-culturalism.” “Object beauty” means that an art object itself emits unwavering beauty and that it attracts people even without its concept. What we want from an art work before anything else is beauty. “Super technique” is what an artist acquires by spending a lot of time on studying and training. Originality of an artist who takes interest in and learns antiques and craftsmen’s excellent skills is never carried away by the tide of time. “Neo-culturalism” is a term coined from the idea of “Multiculturalism”. The concept was born from a desire to introduce unique and stimulating works that are a subset of “Multiculturalism”, a proactively receptive expression of the art of various cultures, but specifically featuring the distinctive background of modern Japan.We show exhibitions in more than ten countries every year.

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