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Daiichi-Shinmei Bldg, 4-9-15 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, JAPAN 530-0047

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About YOD Gallery

Yodo Gallery was established in 1960 by Yasuko Kotani, who had been a managing director of Osaka Formes Gallery which introduced Fauvism, Ecole de Paris and Surrealist European artists to Japan. She contributed to the development of local and international art scenes in Osaka after the war, especially by having first solo exhibitions by Joan Miro and Andres Derain in Osaka. YOD Gallery was established in 2008 as a contemporary art gallery branch of Yodo Gallery, with a mission to present a new sense of value and expression to and from Japan. It has been supporting local art scenes and emerging artists working with new media, including video, photography, and installation. In 2020, a new branch of the gallery, YOD Editions, was established. Focusing on cutting-edge young artists, street art and edition works, it promotes art mainly through digital platforms and elevates accessibility and inclusivity of art. In 2022, with the aim to expand the influence in East Japan and globally, the third branch of the gallery, YOD TOKYO was opened in Harajuku area, Tokyo. web: https://www.yodgallery.com/ (YOD Gallery) https://www.artsy.net/yod-gallery (Yodo Gallery) http://yoded.com (YOD Editions)

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