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2680 F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila

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About Avellana Art Gallery

Avellana Art Gallery, founded in 1997, is the brainchild of the late Albert Avellana, a gallerist and curator whose creative passion and vision fueled many memorable exhibitions and shows within and beyond its gallery space in Pasay City. A former five-year-term president of Museum Foundation of the Philippines (2016-2021), his personal mission was to support art that is faithful to Filipino culture, as well as nurture a gallery-artist relationship that respects the temperament and pace of individual artists, without caving into highly commercialized art. Opening doors and opportunities for Filipino artists since the ‘90s, Avellana Art Gallery proudly serves as an entryway into the diverse and abundant offerings by local talents, serving as the launchpad of emerging artists such as Francis “Kiko” Arnaez and Francesca Balaguer Mercado while supporting established and senior artists namely, Pandy Aviado, Noëll EL Farol, Allain Hablo, Eugene Jarque, Mac Valdezco, and Lynyrd Paras. Avellana Art Gallery is located in a post-war structure where the artworks, composed of two-dimensional paintings, dynamic sculptures, intriguing installations, and functional art pieces, mixes into and complements its interiors and gardens. The house, then, becomes part of the exhibit itself, providing a unique enclave not only for its fine selection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and objets d'art, but to artists and collectors alike.

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