Authenticity Zero Collective

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23 Bougainvillea St. Heritage Homes, Loma de Gato, Marilao, Bulacan

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About Authenticity Zero Collective

TAZC is a collaborative platform where artists and designers probe the status of local art through non-representational articulations. It questions the role of context and content in a creative output, its precedence, or whether it should be treated as an object independent from style and authorship or vice versa. TAZC speculates the future scenarios in the built-fabric of habitation and urbanism as such, it abhors traditional historicism as it strives to invent newer ways of seeing, thinking, scrutinizing, doing, and producing architecture, design, and the arts. It is diverse in its representation from single practice, design practitioners, writers, academicians, to architects, student designers and artists who all share the common goals. Each entity has the freedom to pursue its specific individual goal within the sphere of The Authenticity Zero Collective.

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