Rosario Bitanga

Rosario Bitanga
Past, Present, Participant

About the Artist

Rosario Bitanga Peralta is a Philippine painter, sculptor, and printmaker who signs her work R. Bitanga. A graduate of the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA, she was inspired to work on abstract painting. Her first abstract work "Galloping Horses'' won third prize in the Art Competition sponsored by the Pontiac Society of Artists. Her paintings range from miniature expressionistic landscapes, still lifes, life studies to mural-sized abstracts depicting arrested motion in a form of Futurism. Her sculptures consist of metal and terracotta pieces. She also creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and other ornaments. Her works are in museums and prominent public and private collections in the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, the Vatican, Italy, Canada and the United States.

Source: https://www.rbitanga.com/about

Curatorial Notes

Known for her sure-footed compositions of geometric and organic forms with their subtly shifting outlines and their bravura of colors, Rosario Bitanga is considered as a major female abstractionist and one of the pioneers of post-war Modernism in the Philippines. Her participation in the art fair heralds works from her studio, which affirm her mastery of technique, her poetic sense of space, as well as her undimmed evocation of the sublime despite being 88 years old. Her recent exhibition in 2022 at Leon Gallery, Likha, re-introduced the artist to the art world, proving the vitality and singular power of her style that the artist has cultivated in the last seven decades.

Bitanga, a graduate of the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA, and has been making abstract paintings since winning third prize in the Pontiac Society of Artists Art Competition with her first abstract work "Galloping Horses." Her paintings range from miniature expressionist landscapes, still lifes, life studies, to mural-sized abstracts depicting arrested motion in a Futurist form. Her sculptures are made of metal and terracotta, and she also creates unique jewelry pieces and other ornaments. Alongside being a full-time artist, she was also an academician and held the post of Dean of the Institute of Fine Arts and Design of the Philippine Women's University, where she nurtured countless talents. The art fair exhibition of her works will invariably update the immense contribution of Bitanga to Philippine abstraction.

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