Feb 2023

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM
Talks Tent, Roofdeck

Recipients of the 2022 Artist Residency Grant

Nicolei Gupit, Aaron Kaiser Garcia, IC Jaucian, E.S.L Chen, Jonathan Baldonado, and James Clar | Moderated by Portia Placino


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Recipients of the 2022 Artist Residency Grant

Sponsored by Don Papa. Artists who have completed their residencies last year present their respective experiences during their engagement with the local community and resources offered by the residency hosts.

About the Speaker/s
Jonathan Baldonado commonly known as Jeeb, is a Manila-based photographer. He is currently the printer of Silver, a fine art print studio based in Manila, while working at Silver Jeeb had the opportunity to work with and print the works of Arturo Luz. During the pandemic Silver launched Shelter Fund, an initiative to help photographers and artists to produce and sell their prints. He is also a member of the Fotomoto PH

Highly curious with the technicalities of technology has taken to 3D printing as a hobby and is currently crafting his own camera using old large format lenses and using film as the medium of capturing the imagery.

E.S.L Chen is a self-taught photographer who has previously worked in the editorial field with an emphasis on portraiture. His first experiences with photography were during the advent of ubiquitous digital imaging. He took up digital photography as a hobby in his years as an economics major at De La Salle University Manila. Over time, he discovered printing and has kept on experimenting with the medium. He is a founding member of FotomotoPH. His primary interest lies in the interface of the old and the new, i.e., how analog and digital processes meld with each other. The aspect of interface is now propelling itself to the forefront of modern society as the world tackles with issues around algorithms and the commercial push to discard the physical world.

Currently, he is rediscovering analog photography of which he had a strong interest in before it became nearly extinct in the Philippines. The resurgence of photographic film has been a constant source of inspiration for Chen as he reimagines the roles of image capture, digitization, digital interpolation, and the presentation of ideas in viewable forms.

Thematically, Chen's work is an amalgamation of paradox, time and impulse. His photographs can be described as personal experiences preserved as visual memories. An early obsession with the art of improvisation in both music and theater has greatly impacted his working philosophy.

James Clar is interested in the narrative potential of materials and technology. He received his Masters from New York University in Media Art after graduating from NYU Film. He was born in the USA to immigrant Filipino parents and recently relocated back to Manila in 2021.

An alumnus of Intercultural Theatre Institute (Singapore) and Dance Program (Folk Dance) at the Philippine High School for the Arts with a strong background in folk/contemporary dances and theatre, Aaron Kaiser Garcia has gone on to explore contemporary performance-making.

While training in Philippine Folk Dance, Odissi, Chhau, and immersing in different traditional forms like Kuttiyatam, Beijing Opera, Wayang Wong, and Noh Theatre, there lies an ongoing inquiry between his body’s relationship with contemporary folk dance; the nature of the ‘contemporary’ today and what constitutes ‘folk dance’ by challenging fabricated political narratives of the past.

Aaron’s work currently explores the potentiality of the body to exist consciously to understand its embodied culture and function as a microcosmic investigation into meaning-making in the evolving social and political landscape of the Philippines via choreographic means.

Nicolei Buendia Gupit is a contemporary Filipina American artist working across installation, sculpture, painting, and video to probe questions on cultural belonging. Her multidisciplinary practice speculates on diasporic futures and entangles the relationship between ecologies, foods, histories, and cultures. Presently, she lives and works in the Philippines as a Fulbright Research Grantee pursuing transdisciplinary projects on the human toll of climate change in the Philippines.

Ian Carlo Jaucian is a visual artist, educator, and designer who lives and works in the Philippines.

Portia Placino is an arts educator and writer based in Manila. She received the Ateneo Art Awards – Purita Kalaw Ledesma Prize for Art Criticism in 2021. Previous engagements include a writing fellowship for Kritika and a research fellowship at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Korea. She contributes to ArtAsiaPacific and lectures on art history and research in various art schools and institutions. Her recent projects contemplate the position and influence of contemporary art, new media, art history, and theory in an embattled and oppressed society.

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