Feb 2023

01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Talks Tent, Roofdeck

Mortal Wanderings

Kiko Escora, Pow Martinez, and Yeo Kaa | Moderated by Carla Gamalinda


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Mortal Wanderings

Kiko Escora, Pow Martinez, and Yeo Kaa imagine and re-imagine the human body as a persona or a metaphor of society. In this panel conversation, each artist will talk about the concept of their special project for #ArtFairPH 2023 and new trajectories of their respective art practices.

About the Speaker/s
Kiko Escora’s subjects stand very near to the surface of each picture – as in a close-up camera shot. Severe-looking, quietly dignified and standoffish, they are all confidently attired in the latest fashion. Brash surfaces of modernity pose as the new iconography. Escora has chosen to paint his subjects as they turn away; their faces are concealed in one way or another. Instead, he has concentrated on their gestures and poses. All together, there is almost a sense of complicity among them, as they idly gaze through or away from the viewer. Charged with an unnerving energy, Escora’s characters suggest remoteness from the viewer. Their stance is so consuming that the viewer could be left with a desire to unlock the mystery of the subject’s identity.


Pow Martinez is a recipient of the 2010 Ateneo Art Award for his exhibition 1 Billion Years at West Gallery, Philippines. He exhibits internationally and has worked with different media, from painting to sound. Martinez’s paintings belie their grotesque subject matter with indelibly beautiful surfaces and a wide-ranging, daring use of color. Mutants, monsters, demons, deviants, and freaks lurch, sit, and appear to transform amidst weirdly lit landscapes or disintegrating urban scenarios, or emerge from a painterly graffito mess, but, as his more abstracted works insist, Martinez’s ability to render intriguing relationships between forms and surfaces ensure his works are endlessly compelling—an experience akin to a beautiful nightmare.

Pow Martinez lives and works in Manila, Philippines.

Provided by: Erlyz Santos, Silverlens


A perfect dichotomy of color and torment, Yeo Kaa paints deceptively candy-coloured characters stuck in violent states of reality. Her stylised figuration brings to mind animation and fictional characters from children’s books, a fantasy world that exists only in dreams and imagination. Yet these elements cleverly camouflage haunting and daring images: a tableau reminiscent of a crime scene, decapitated and dismembered bodies, or an insane person out of a killing spree. Such a provocative combination of contrasting temperaments may well refer to a world full of contradictions, a world where darker tendencies of human nature are masked by misleading façades and are lurking beneath pleasant veneers.


Carla Gamalinda is an artist, writer, cultural heritage worker, and art teacher.

All these occupations allow her to work towards her cause of making art more accessible to the common Filipino.

Gamalinda graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a BFA and a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Heritage Studies. She won the 2021 Ateneo Art awards Purita Kalaw Ledesma Prize for Art Criticism and was a national finalist for the 2022 Metrobank Art and Design Excellence. Currently, she is developing artworks under the Linangan Art Residency program in Cavite.

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