Feb 2023

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Film Tent, Roofdeck

Alternative Cinema: History, Theory and Practice

Nick DeOcampo

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Alternative Cinema: History, Theory and Practice

Renowned filmmaker and film historian Nick Deocampo presents an overview of the development of alternative cinema in the Philippines. Using the metaphor of the rhizome, Deocampo explores the varied courses that the "alternative" has taken through film excerpts from his own practice as well as other Filipino filmmakers. The lecture presentation is based on his recently-published book of the same title.

About the Artist
Nick Deocampo is a prizewinning Filipino documentary filmmaker and film historian. He teaches at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. He took his Master of Arts degree in Cinema Studies from New York University under a Fulbright Scholarship Grant; got his Certificate in Film as a French Government scholar in Paris, France; and graduated cum laude with a degree in A.B. Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines.

As a filmmaker, he has won prizes for his trailblazing documentaries like Oliver (1983), Revolutions Happen like Refrains in a Song (1986 and The Sex Warriors and the Samurai (1995). As a film historian, he has authored books that won the Philippines’ National Book Awards like Cine: Spanish Influences on Philippine Cinema and Eiga: Cinema in the Philippines during World War II. His recent publications include Alternative Cinema: The Unchronicled History of Alternative Cinema in the Philippines and Keeping Memories: Cinema and Archiving in Asia Pacific. He has represented the country as a filmmaker or a member of the film jury in various film festivals held in Berlin, Tokyo, London, Brussels, Rome, Hawaii, the Czech Republic, and more.
Over the past forty years, he has advocated for alternative cinema, campaigning for the recognition of short films, documentaries and experimental cinema. Himself an active documentary filmmaker, he has pioneered workshops and organized festivals to bring to public consciousness the significance of alternative films that have been marginalized by the country’s popular commercial movie industry.

Deocampo was formerly the chair of the UNESCO Philippines Memory of the World Committee. He is this year’s recipient of the Premio Casa Asia, Spain’s major award for cultural work.

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